Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie: Thanksgiving Twofer Pie

Vibi from La Casserole Carrée selected this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe: Thanksgiving Twofer Pie. This is a combination of a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie, as a way to answer the question of which traditional Thanksgiving pie should you make! In my family we never had pumpkin pie, so this was not a question growing up. I don’t really remember having pecan pie either. I just don’t remember what we had for dessert. It’s all about the turkey, right?

I’ve made a couple of pumpkin pies, despite the fact that I don’t really like pumpkin pie (pumpkin anything) all that much. I do like pecan pie a lot, and have made many of those, including miniature ones and a really fancy chocolate pecan pie. A couple of years ago my husband decided to make a sweet potato pie. I like sweet potatoes, so I thought I would give this a try. I really liked it so for this pie I decided to substitute sweet potato puree for the pumpkin puree. The only other thing I changed was I used bourbon instead of dark rum.

I’ve made this a couple days in advance of Thanksgiving, and I plan to serve it on Thanksgiving. I hope that it will keep for a couple of days! It came together nicely, but I did have to bake it about 10 minutes longer than the recipe specified. I also didn’t prebake the crust, because I didn’t want to over bake the crust. I think the crust looks perfect so I’m glad that I didn’t prebake. It saved me some time, too.

I’ll update after Thanksgiving to let you know how it tastes. Right now it just looks like a pecan pie!


vibi said...

That was an ingenious idea Nicole, to change what you knew you wouldn't like in the pie, for something you did... great alternative to slacking! LOL
Plus, your pie turned out looking great!
Thank you very much for participating with me this week!
...and a very happy Thanksgiving to you!

Engineer Baker said...

So pretty! Love the fluting on the crust, and I hope you like it when Thanksgiving comes around.

Jessica said...

I hope to make a crust look as good as yours someday!

Anonymous said...

Your pie looks great. Let us know how it tastes. I love sweet potatoes. YUM!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I have a can of squash puree in the pantry and now I'm tempted to try it that way too. Good to know about not prebaking the crust - it seems a lot of people had trouble doing that.

Unknown said...

Your crust looks textbook! I am saving mine for T-Day too. I love sweet pots, too. Next time I am gonna substitute and note it took me ten minutes longer as well.

Great job!

june said...

your twofer looks perfect!! how did the crust taste in the end?? No sogginess I hope! I'm putting on a late thanksgiving this weekend so I'd love to know if it's possible to avoid prebaking (as I baked this once before and the crust was black..!)
Your pics are always lovely, thanks for the inspiration!!