Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe is Chocolate Truffle Tartlets. The hosts this week are Spike from Spike Bakes, Steph of A Whisk and a Spoon, Jaime of Good Eats ‘n Sweet Treats, and Jessica of Cookbook Habit. Make sure you check out their sites to get the complete recipe for this tasty tart. You can also check out the links from all the Tuesdays with Dorie bloggers on the TWD site. There are lots of us so there are lots of lovely tarts and tartlets to discover.

This tart is all chocolate, all the time: chocolate pastry crust with a chocolate filling with additional chopped milk chocolate and white chocolate. Oh, and there are some chopped up cookies in there for good measure. I think you could add it different things to the filling; I think nuts would have been really great. I halved the recipe and got 4 tartlets, which was a fine number for just the two of us.

I made the pastry dough in the food processor, which makes quick work of making pastry. I chilled it and it was still quite sticky after chilling. I was able to roll it out but I did have to piece it together a bit after transferring to the tartlet pans. I then refrigerated them overnight and did the assembly the next day.

Once you start the baking, it goes fairly quickly. The filling was easy to make, although honestly I always worry a little bit when I have to fold in ingredients. My filling remained light after mixing everything together and they baked up perfectly. There were a little hard to remove from the pan, but came out with a little help from a pointy knife. These tarts are so good! The filling would be good on its own. I think I would have preferred a sweeter crust, as I felt the cocoa was too strong. I’d probably make it again with Dorie’s sweet pastry crust, which I like a lot. Still, I thought this was great and makes a very impressive dessert.

Recipe from Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan, pages 382-383


Dawn said...

Your tartlet looks beautiful! I think your idea of using a sweet pastry crust and adding nuts would be yummy. :)

Baking is my Zen...sweet nibbles for the soul said...

Nice shot.


Sunshine - www.cancersurvivor26.blogger.com said...

Looks awesome!


Jill said...

Your tartlet looks great. The filling was definitely the star of the show with these!

Im At Home Baking said...

It looks wonderful :)

Cher Rockwell said...

I think the filling was the best part of this dessert!
A more traditional pastry crust would have been a nice touch with this.

Cindy said...

Life was crazy at our home so I didn't make these. But they look to good. I've got to make them.

Wendy (pinkstripes) said...

Your tart looks yummy!